Open source Very Long Baseline Interferometry
Open source Very Long Baseline Interferometry Documentation

License: LGPL v3 DOI

OpenVLBI is an open source library and application suite for astronomical interferometry.

Interferometry is a discipline that studies the beam or stream interference and the possibility to obtain a coherence degree between more of them. A 2d interference plot of a single object observed from different locations (space domain Fourier plane dependent to the location of the observers) shows the fourier transform magnitude (and the phase possibly) of the radiation detected from the object observed.

libopenvlbi offers a set of functions that aim to make interferometry simpler and faster.

There is an application suite that offers a server application that uses a simple set/get scripting language, an OpenVLBI server containing an INDI client application using the same scripting format and a json server application for who's familiar with JSON/REST APIs.

This repository contains the sources for building the library and the server applications